I tested for you: Hydro, the steam cleaner

I tested for you: Hydro, the steam cleaner

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Rebel tasks, black carpet of dirt ... Who has never dreamed of an all in one device capable of cleaning his house from floor to ceiling. After trying products dedicated to floors and dusting wipes, without real conviction, I decided to test the latest from Astoria, the Hydro NN650A steam cleaner. An ecological device which has the specificity of maintaining the accommodation without detergent. Effective in the most varied missions, it can remove stains and grease, dislodge all unwanted even invisible to the naked eye and revive surfaces, including the most fragile. Bonus: it has an exclusive function, aptly called "Hydro".

Assemble the different parts together

At first glance, the Hydro NN650A steam cleaner may seem complicated to assemble, however it is not. It only takes a few seconds to assemble the different parts together and turn on the device. The device is accompanied by a discreet case which can be stored in a cupboard. This contains accessories designed to face all situations: a wide brush for large areas, a textile brush for sofas and upholstery, an ergonomic squeegee for impeccable windows and mirrors, a high pressure nozzle for hard to reach surfaces and a round brush for very dirty surfaces. Last key innovation, the Hydro function which allows to reinforce the action of the steam and to rinse the cleaned surfaces.

Switch on the steam cleaner

The Hydro steam cleaner works like a canister vacuum cleaner. Before switching on the appliance, fill the tank with cold water using the carafe and the funnel supplied. That of the tap is perfect. However, if the water in your area is hard, mix it 50% with demineralized water. Install the necessary parts, fully unwind the power cable and plug in the device. Then press the "on" button and wait three minutes until the light indicates that the device is ready to go into action. It then remains only to select from the three modes and to vaporize the vapor by pressing the upper handle of the gun. To activate the "Hydro" function, it's simple! Simply press the upper and lower pistol grips, a breeze! When cleaning is complete or when the appliance is not in use, remember to block the steam safety barrier through the blocking slider.

Floor cleaning

To get rid of stubborn stains on my tiles, I started by installing the rectangular brush supplied with the device and I activated mode three, intended in particular for cleaning tiles, vinyl, stone and marble. Because of its great versatility, know that you can just as easily clean your carpet and rugs by activating mode 2 and remove stubborn stains from your parquet by putting the button in position 1. Once the cloth is clipped onto the brush j made a first attempt, rather conclusive I must admit. First observation: the device is easy to use and the rapid projection of water under pressure is very effective. Only downside, because of the steam the gun heats up very quickly and it can quickly become uncomfortable. In addition, the repeated pressing of the upper and lower levers quickly becomes tiring.

Cleaning your windows in three steps

The work is done in three stages: first production of steam outside the glass surface, projection of the steam on the glass or, a few centimeters away in order to remove the impurities and passage of the squeegee from top to bottom to collect the dirt, wiping it regularly with a clean cloth. Its weight may in the long run seem imposing, but its ultra-efficient cleaning remains in my opinion the real plus of the product. What a pleasure to be able to clean your tiles and mirrors so quickly! It must be recognized, the result is impeccable and my windows like new.

Remove dust on textile surfaces

Good news, the steam cleaner is supplied with a upholstery brush which removes dust from the sofas, cushions and other blankets. This suction function allows you to enjoy a healthy and clean habitat without any real effort. Bonus: it has the advantage of eliminating mites and bacteria. On the other hand, it is difficult to obtain an impeccable cleaning because the brush is not rotary. Result it is difficult to go properly in the nooks.

Clean small areas

For even more concentrated steam cleaning, the steam cleaner is fitted with a round nylon brush. This is suitable for cleaning very dirty small surfaces (tiling joints, hob, cooking grates, etc.) and sanitary facilities. Once the steam function has been activated, just gently rub the surface to be treated. Easy to use, the action of steam makes it possible to effectively remove stains and grease. Once the residue has been removed, simply collect it with a clean cloth or sponge. Well thought out, thanks to the hydro function which also makes it possible to rinse the surface properly. A function that I really enjoyed testing!
Also note, the Hydro NN650A steam cleaner has a high pressure nozzle. The concentrated steam jet combined with the water jet of the hydro function gives additional cleaning power to pickle or peel off encrusted dirt. Similarly, the device is accompanied by an angled lance ideal and very effective for difficult to access surfaces: radiators, shutters, etc.
Price of the Hydro NN650A steam cleaner: € 349.99 incl. Tax (+ € 0.50 eco-share) Astoria