How to earn an extra room at home?

How to earn an extra room at home?

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Need an extra piece or want to renew? Can't afford or want to leave your apartment? Then ChambreEn + is for you! This tailor-made concept offers a complete redevelopment of your interior, to give new life to your home, at the best price.

Redesign instead of relocate

Depending on your situation and the vagaries of life, you may need an additional room in your interior. A happy event, the need to work from home, or the irresistible desire to create the wardrobe of your dreams ... There are many reasons that can push you to have an extra room. If you are an owner, you can also optimize your space so that you can sell or rent it. In order to avoid any inconvenience, ChambreEn + guarantees a rapid delay between the first meeting and the end of the site, even during the summer holidays. He can also take charge of finding another apartment to rent during the works or storing the furniture. Your new home will be delivered completely refurbished with your furniture!

Optimize space, but also price

Swapping the move for another solution can save you a lot of non-negligible expenses, especially given the real estate prices today. You don't necessarily think about it at first, but a move involves agency, notary, development work, not to mention the cost of the move itself. Furthermore, staying in the same place of residence allows you to keep your habits, since you keep the same district, and therefore your usual merchants and your children's school. The founder of ChambreEn +, Jean-Thomas Finateu, an architect specializing in renovation and restructuring projects, has surrounded himself with the best professionals in order to meet the needs of his customers: to have more space without leaving his place of life. A successful bet!
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