Which wood to choose for a worktop?

Which wood to choose for a worktop?

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Wooden worktops have been giving pride of place to the kitchen for a few years now. Very aesthetic, they are a real charming asset! But how do you choose among the different varieties available? Oak, fir, bamboo or beech… the editorial tells you more!

For my work plan, a robust and resistant wood over time

Hard or solid woods, such as oak, bamboo and maple are recommended for making a worktop. They are known for their robustness and longevity. It is important to check that they are varnished or oiled to improve their resistance to humidity. They will also not require the same maintenance! Note: the price of wood varies according to its category and its strength because it has an ease to burn and stain. This is one of its drawbacks.

A very wide range of woods for worktops

For the layout of a kitchen, it is advisable to choose dark woods such as rosewood or stained oak. If you prefer pale wood, it will be more clever to opt for birch, bleached oak or beech. - The bamboo brings an exotic note, while the blond woods like the beech allow to gain in brightness and to concoct a Scandinavian decoration. - Oak is a tree that is found almost everywhere in Europe and which provides perfect wood. On the price side, it is not excessive. - Maple is a light wood. Its mechanical properties are similar to those of oak. - Beech is one of the most expensive woods but it is also considered one of the best. It offers fine grain wood, very pretty. - The cherry tree is a reddish brown wood. It offers a darker version than other woods but remains very trendy. Note that it is advisable to avoid the Christmas tree!