The Package Design Book 3 by Julius Wiedemann

The Package Design Book 3 by Julius Wiedemann

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Too often underestimated, the packaging of products is however the first image that the consumer has of an object. It is also often determining as to its purchase or not. This form of art, little valued, is highlighted every year by the Pentawards who award prizes to creations from around the world. The Package Design Book 3 brings together all the winners of the 2013 and 2014 editions through a selection of more than 400 productions from 30 countries.

The Pentawards, what is it?

Created by Jean Jacques Evrard and Brigitte Evrard-Lauwereins, both designers, the Pentawards have praised the excellence of packaging creations worldwide since 2007. The participants (designers, communication and design agencies, brands, students, etc.) present existing packaging available on the market or packaging that is still only at the concept stage. Several distinctions are awarded across 5 major categories: food, drink, body products, luxury and all other markets. A nice way to promote the art of packaging design internationally.

Spotlight on the 2013 and 2014 winners

The Package Design Book brings together, through a pretty layout more than 400 productions, all the winners of the Pentawards 2013 and 2014. Readers will be able to discover more in depth these creations which occupy such an important place in our daily lives. Presentation texts, product descriptions and numerous images accompany them throughout the book in order to understand what drives leaders and agencies in the design industry.

Present the best of international packaging

Original beer bottles, breathtaking perfume bottles, presentation boxes for wacky paintbrushes, unusual jars of honey… Julius Wiedemann, artistic director for specialized magazines, brings together in a visual and informative way these designer packaging, each more original than the last. others.

The Package Design Book 3 Julius Wiedemann Published by Taschen Multilingual edition: English, German, French Price: 39.99 euros