I tested for you: the SteamOne H10S steamer

I tested for you: the SteamOne H10S steamer

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Avoiding the chore of ironing is an idea that seems rather attractive to me. With the arrival of the new generation of garment steamers, exit the ironing board and the long comings and goings on clothes with the manual iron! After having been used for a long time by professionals in the fashion world to present wrinkle-free models during fashion shows, steam robots are now making their debut in private homes. Just fix your textiles on your own device, to smooth them in a jiffy thanks to an ultra-efficient steam system. This revolutionary concept, democratized by the SteamOne brand, has not stopped improving since its creation in 2010. The hexagonal group launches today its new H10S model entirely made in France, which I tested for you in preview !

Assemble the SteamOne parts

At first glance, the H10S is a robot that may seem complicated to assemble, however it is not so: only a few minutes are necessary to assemble the different parts together and turn on the device. Once disassembled, the garment steamer occupies a minimum of space and can be stored in a small closet. A good point not to clutter his home often overloaded with devices of all kinds.

Start the robot

The SteamOne steamer works on the same principle as a steam generator, except the ironing mode which is done vertically and not horizontally. Applied in contact with the fabric, water vapor raised to a temperature of 98 ° C erases all the folds without having to crush the garment using an iron. First step, fill the removable SteamOne tank with water: that of the tap is perfectly suitable, however, no additives should be poured into the tank, such as perfume, aromatic substances or softener. Once the tank is full, plug in the appliance, press the "on" button and wait for the water to boil (about 1 minute). Steam automatically exits the diffusion head when the SteamOne is ready to operate.

Start steaming

While waiting for the steamer to start, the garment is installed on the clothes rack integrated into the appliance, or on its own hanger on the hook of the diffusion head support. The fabric must always be pinched from the bottom in order to remain taut during ironing, which is carried out by up and down movements by applying the diffusion head to the garment. I made a rather conclusive first attempt with a very crumpled shirt. First observation: it takes a little time to have "the hand" and be effective. This ironing mode is unusual, good gestures are learned as you go. However, after several attempts, the clothes are steamed quickly and efficiently.

Quickly remove wrinkles from clothes

Good news, my ironing stack is dropping visibly! The H10S is really perfect for smoothing delicate fabrics, silk and linen at the top of the list. On the other hand, it is difficult to obtain an impeccable finish for more elaborate pleats, at the hems or sleeves for example, despite the accessory provided for this purpose. However, the SteamOne is a clever and well-designed device: its concept remains really interesting for individuals with many suits or shirts (among others), that you quickly iron before going to work in the morning. Also note, the H10S can be used to purify the home (curtains, cushions, sofa ...) thanks to its anti-mite system which destroys all bacteria (animal hair, dust).
H10S price: 229 €


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