Tutorial: a curtain rod transformed into an extendable trivet

Tutorial: a curtain rod transformed into an extendable trivet

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When we think of a curtain rod, it is hard to imagine the connection with a kitchen dish. And yet, the tutorial of the day may well surprise you! Tired of the classic kitchen trivets, we tried to create one that was at once design, practical and fun. Today, we are going to learn how to transform a curtain rod under an extendable trivet.


- a wooden curtain rod 180 cm long and 20 mm in diameter - a saw - a drill with a wood forest of 6 mm in diameter - a tape measure - a leather strap of 80 cm - oil for wood - a brush - a pencil Budget: around 25 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by sawing the rod into ten 18 cm pieces. Our tip: you can also use a wooden broom handle.
2. Drill each piece of wood 3.5 cm from each end. Make sure that the two holes are on the same axis and that all the holes are on the same level on each piece. Mark out marks before drilling and block the pieces of wood to facilitate drilling.
3. Once the wood has been drilled, you can apply natural oil as in our example or a coat of paint for a different finish. Be sure to respect the indicated drying time. Prepare the leather strap.
4. Align the pieces of wood and pass the leather strap through all the holes from one side to the next. Then pass the strap in the same way through the holes on the opposite side. Our tip: to facilitate the passage, use a nail or a pointed element that you fix at the end of the strap with tape.
5. Make a knot with the two ends of the thong, leaving enough room to create two handles when the pieces are tight between them.


You have just created a trivet with a simple curtain rod! It can be an original gift idea for a more than reasonable budget. Especially since wood is a very trendy material, even at the table! The little extra that makes the difference: the trivet adapts to larger dishes when you spread the different pieces.

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