How to maintain and care for your bamboo?

How to maintain and care for your bamboo?

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Many of us have bamboos. Indeed, these plants are both exotic and easy to maintain. Whether your bamboos are outdoors or at home, they still require a minimum of maintenance. Do you want to know all the secrets to having healthy bamboo? U.S. too ! This is why we went to Truffaut where we met Pierre, a very friendly professional and full of good advice.

Are there different types of bamboo?

Yes, there are a multitude of bamboos. Outside, we find dwarf bamboos such as Fargesia or Hibanobambusa with rich foliage and small size, giant bamboos and medium bamboos such as Phyllostachys or Pseudosasa which are widely used to form hedges or thickets in our gardens. For our interiors, it is possible to have bamboos of various sizes in pots or water bamboos also called lucky bamboos.

What are the special features of bamboo?

Bamboo is a great plant that can live and thrive in any region of France. Bamboo loves water. Whether in a vase, a pot or in the ground in the garden, it must be hydrated constantly. On the other hand, bamboo does not tolerate extreme cold very badly and needs to be protected in case of frost.

And how do you protect a bamboo from the cold?

When temperatures drop, bamboos no longer absorb water because it is frozen. It is therefore recommended to protect the bamboo feet with tarpaulins or mulching. On the other hand, never water a bamboo when the temperatures are negative. Wait for the hot hours of the day or the end of the cold spell to give them some water.

What signs should alert us?

Bamboo that turns yellow or has closed leaves is dehydrated bamboo. It must therefore be watered quickly and monitored for a few days.

Is there a technique for planting bamboo?

Yes ! At first, you must choose a pot suitable for the size of the bamboo it will receive. Fill this pot with potting soil and water the soil before planting your bamboo. You should also water the roots of the bamboo before planting it.

To conclude ?

Bamboos are easy-to-live plants that are easy to maintain. In short, everyone can have it, whether outdoors or indoors. Just make sure your bamboos are well hydrated. Personally I recommend bamboo to anyone who wants to put plants in their bathroom.