Berlin Boombox, a portable speaker like no other

Berlin Boombox, a portable speaker like no other

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Will ghetto-blasters come back in fashion in 2015? This is what the German brand Berlin Boombox suggests with its colorful and very funky range of ghetto-blaster dock. Contrary to current trends that push minimalism and sobriety to their climax, a Berliner, Axel Pfaender, has taken up the challenge of dusting off the emblematic radio-cassette of the 70s and 80s renowned for its colossal format and its sound power extraordinary. Result? A soundsystem of a new kind very design, entirely built in origami, and therefore to assemble yourself.

An ambitious project funded by Internet users

It was after several years of conception and a crowdfunding campaign conducted with a master's hand ($ 20,000 raised instead of the 14,000 targeted) that the Berlin Boombox appeared, the latest from the workshops of designer Axel Pfaender. Combining his passion for design with that of music, the designer succeeded in the feat of developing a ghettoblaster made entirely of rigid cardboard, benefiting from the best of current new technologies.

A nomad speaker to mount yourself

Combining recycled materials such as type E corrugated cardboard, the latest technology and high-quality sound, this magnificent object with a retro and modern look is to be assembled yourself without glue or cutting. On the sound side, the speaker is equipped with a Class D SMS 2 x 5 W stereo amplifier with 92% efficiency, two MIVOC PRO 3 ”4 ohm full-band speakers made in Germany, all powered by 3 AA batteries. The volume as well as the tensioning are managed only by an aluminum potentiometer located on the upper part. All you have to do is connect your Iphone, Ipod or other Mp3s to enjoy your music!
Sold with an explanatory manual, the Berlin Boombox is available in four colors, a customizable version of the name of Montana Boombox and several special editions imagined by artists and graffiti artists: Jeremyville, Rob Flowers, Golden Green… The speaker can also be supplemented by accessories: audio extension cable, replacement cases among others. Finally, mixtapes are free to download as well as an audio player called Bongiovi DPS.
Berlin Boombox from 65 euros More information on Berlin Boombox


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