How I Saved My Wallet: Robot Vacuums

How I Saved My Wallet: Robot Vacuums

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Household, a plague? That was before the robot vacuum cleaner pointed the tip at home appliance stores! These small, ultra-sophisticated machines promise to work for you, even when you are away. The only problem is that these products are still expensive. The good news is that we have surveyed the web in search of models at low prices and have found 8 for less than 200 euros. Make your life easier! More and more of you are letting yourself be seduced by these robot vacuums. And for good reason, they are now endowed with ever more advanced characteristics in order to track down the dust for you! If they have the ability to adapt to all types of surface, know that they can also sneak into every corner thanks to cameras or range finders. So no need to go back! Want to save yourself the drudgery "vacuuming" on Saturday morning? All you have to do is choose your favorite among our selection!
1. The Taurus Striker Mini robot vacuum cleaner, € 113.73 at Price Minister / 2. The Harper I-Clean 60 robot vacuum cleaner, € 129.99 at Darty / 3. The Yoo Digital robot vacuum cleaner, € 199.99 at Fnac / 4. The Philips robot vacuum cleaner, € 173 at Rue du Commerce / 5. The Simmons Trc40 robot vacuum cleaner, € 79.90 at Rue du Commerce / 6. The Koenig SWR22 robot vacuum cleaner, € 143.90 at Darty / 7. The robot vacuum cleaner Spider Dirt Devil, € 142.52 at Boulanger / 8. The robot vacuum cleaner Ecogenic Solac, € 191.86 at Amazon


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