Gift tutorial to make: an owl keychain!

Gift tutorial to make: an owl keychain!

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Looking for a gift idea to make? We have what you need ! A super cute and easy to make owl keychain, even if you are not a sewing pro (and if you do not have a machine). A tutored and clever tutorial, by Emmanuelle from the blog With her 10 little fingers, which we had already invited for her DIY lantern. duration : 45 mins Cost :supplies Around 5 €


You will need: - two news scraps: 739845 different fabric - ribbon - a sewing machine or needle and thread - cotton - movable eyes (or black thread to embroider the eyes) - glue


1. Start by cutting 2 pieces of news: 739845 fabric in the shape of a house, 10 cm in total height and 6.5 cm in width. 2. Then cut a piece of ribbon about 5 cm long. 3. Sew the two pieces of actu: 739845 fabric together on their reverse side, sliding the two ends of the ribbon on one side, so as to form a loop. 4. Then turn over the actu: 739845 fabric, marking the folds well (the top must be pointed). 5. Fold back the top and sew the tip. 6. Fill the formed pocket with cotton, compacting well. 7. Fold back the base as you would a gift wrap and sew it. 8. Fix the eyes with glue (if you don't have them, you can embroider two black circles before step 3).


And There you go ! An ultra cool keychain very simple to make! You can also make this tutorial for homemade fir decorations, a DIY children's mobile, a gift box, etc.
Thanks to Emmanuelle for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your nifty keychains on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!