Meeting with Jacques Lubet, creator and gardener of the Garden of the bottom of gold

Meeting with Jacques Lubet, creator and gardener of the Garden of the bottom of gold

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Nestled in the heart of the Lugonnais vineyard, the garden at the bottom of the gold is a haven of peace with a poetic and singular aesthetic, skillfully maintained by its designer Jacques Lubet. This amateur gardener, ceramist by training, made his hobby a full-time job that he practices today with passion. After thirty years of careful planning, the garden at the bottom of the gold can now boast of being one of the prettiest in the Aquitaine region! We met Jacques Lubet, who told us about his love of plants and his expert secrets.

Where does the beautiful name of your garden come from?

Quite simply from a place near us! I took the liberty to modify it slightly, transforming the initial "fountain" into "background" because I found that the name sounded better this way…

How does the garden at the bottom of gold differ from traditional gardens?

This garden surprises in the first place by its surface. Long and slightly sloping, it offers a rather interesting perspective to visitors by enlarging the visual field from the start of the walk. Surrounded by woods, the garden at the bottom of the gold presents a set of plants from the regional flora, exotic plants and works of art. I shaped this garden in my image, letting speak of my decorative desires linked to my past as a ceramicist. Despite a total absence of plans and common thread, walkers still find different atmospheres and hundreds of different plant varieties! We walk through a plot with Japanese influences, many spaces dedicated to grasses - my favorite plants - and other more flowery places. I also have more than 80 species of roses, but also a wide variety of bamboos, trees and shrubs.

How is your daily work?

Gardening is an exciting activity but physically very hard! With 8000m2 of land to maintain all year round, I don't have time to be unemployed. I work alone, but my two sons sometimes help me with certain tasks. The first being a pruner and the second landscaper, they obtain pretty decorative renderings in the garden, the most spectacular of which are undoubtedly the carved tree trunks.

How was the opening of your garden to the public?

The opening was made by a circumstance contest since I made the garden of the bottom of gold accessible to the public 7 years ago, through an association of which I am a member. Having visited many gardens myself, it is only natural that I take pleasure in showing mine! Visitors can come and meet me there from mid-April to the end of October, every day except Thursday.
The Garden of the Fond de l'Or 7, rue Saint Exupéry 33240 Lugon Tel: 05 57 84 45 79 More info on //www.lejardindufonddelor.fr/