Architect's advice: 3 L-shaped kitchen plans

Architect's advice: 3 L-shaped kitchen plans

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In the L-shaped kitchen layout, also called "corner", the furniture and appliances are installed on two shelves, forming an angle. This classic layout is still very widespread, because it is practical and comfortable. It makes it possible to optimize space and live daily in an efficient and organized kitchen, often allowing the installation of a table. It adapts to all kitchens (open, closed, square, lengthwise ...). Particular attention must however be paid to the treatment of the angle, so that it does not become a lost space, but many ingenious solutions exist today to overcome this drawback.

Kitchen 2.3 mx 2.7 m L-shaped

Here, we optimize the surface as much as possible by opting for the angle cooking space, thus freeing up a larger preparation space. By placing the sink in front of the window, washing and preparation benefit from natural light during the day. Finally, despite its small surface, this kitchen remains ergonomic thanks to its 3 worktops arranged on either side of each household appliance.

Kitchen 3.2 mx 2.4 m L-shaped

In order to avoid loss of light, the tall units, here the refrigerator and the microwave column, are arranged in two of the corners of the room. The 3rd angle receives a low turnstile furniture offering a large storage space: no more inaccessible cupboards! The hob and the sink are surrounded by worktops, allowing easy preparation of dishes. Finally, the sink is placed under the window, for preparation and washing in daylight.

4.3m x 3m L-shaped kitchen

This kitchen with comfortable dimensions: 4.3 mx 3 m, has a beautiful surface and abundant natural light thanks to its large picture window. In the corner, an old chimney flue has been hidden by a lining in order to arrange the L-shaped kitchen without unsightly hanging. Tall units are installed between the oven column and the refrigerator, thus breaking the verticality of the tall units. The second linear is only composed of low elements, so as not to overload the atmosphere. The positive points of this establishment: the multiple work plans and storage.

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