How I saved my wallet: brass

How I saved my wallet: brass

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After copper, it's brass's turn to make us crack! With its pretty golden shade, it is a real charm asset to make your decor elegant. In air suspension, in a delicate basket or even in a graceful mirror, it is given a special place in the living room as in the bedroom or the bathroom. In the metal family, it's brass's turn to prove itself! At the editorial office, we give him without hesitation the right to dress our interior with a little touch of gold. If the comingB window makes us melt from the Maison & Objet fair, it is not the only one today. House Doctor was also able to seduce us with its pretty rounded Mesh basket that we imagine perfectly alongside the living room sofa. For a little retro spirit in an entrance hall, this time you go to Hübsch to get a superb rectangular mirror that you hang with a chain. Simple, but nevertheless very decorative, we love it! If it is perfectly appropriate during the end of year celebrations thanks to its soft golden allure, brass seems to be the new ally of refined decor!
1. The Eclat table lamp, € 119 at AM PM / 2. The brass and glass display case, € 19.20 at ComingB / 3. The Hexagon pencil holder, € 36 at Ferm Living / 4. The rectangular mirror in brass with Hübsch chain, € 26.90 at Decoclico / 5. The Hübsch brass and glass pendant light, € 89 at Decoclico / 6. The brass basket Mesh House Doctor, € 68 at Etoile and Company


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