Qualy design, the playful Thai decor

Qualy design, the playful Thai decor

Qualy design is a brand straight from Thailand, offering funny and quirky objects for everyday life. From the spaghetti dispenser to the bookend or the keychain niche, each accessory has its usefulness for everyday life, all with lots of humor and bright colors! Since its inception, the brand has been able to reinvent kitchen utensils such as tableware or small practical items, in a naive and playful spirit without forgetting the poetic aspect.

A brand focused on ecology

Qualy is one of these brands with a green concept: all the materials used are in fact chosen with a view to duration and ecology. Each Qualy creation, like the packaging, is 100% recyclable. Qualy's motto "Because we want to take care of the earth" is also turned in this light!

Selection of the editorial staff

In order to give you a boost in your choices, we have selected for you the best of the brand in five objects: The toothpick box deceives the eye : favorite for this lotus flower in which we slide toothpicks for aperitifs or after meals. Arranged on a table in pastel colors, this pretty container brings a spring touch and allows your guests to delicately prick food, all in style! Apple fruit cup : The creators of Qualy have shown a lot of humor with this fruit bowl… in the shape of a fruit! This large apple with a seventies look allows you to store food or present it in an original way on the table. The doorstop bird : practical and a bit poetic, this doorstop bird will quickly become the essential accessory of the house, especially in summer when you want to ventilate without the doors slamming suddenly. The pear pocket : in addition to being a beautiful decorative object, this storage box will also be of great use to you. With these 5 different compartments, it is ideal for the presentation of office accessories, which are all gathered in a single container. The top is easy to lift thanks to the stem of the pear and allows quick access to essentials for work. Spice containers : when four trees representing the four seasons are invited to your table, it is to spice up its decoration! This set of four spice jars displays the different plants that symbolize and punctuate the year: a green tree for spring, a cactus for summer, a tree without its leaves for fall and a fir tree for winter. Have fun associating the condiments that relate to it the most!