Meeting with Brigitte Mathis, gardener and creator of Brigitte's Garden

Meeting with Brigitte Mathis, gardener and creator of Brigitte's Garden

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Brigitte Mathis is a self-taught gardener: it is through experience and testing that she perfects her art day after day! After many years of work, Brigitte's Garden has acquired its current structure and can today boast of being among the most beautiful in Alsace. Both structured and wild, this natural area of ​​4000m2 lives with the rhythm of the seasons and sports a new face each year. met its creator, who explains how she achieved this superb result through persistence and passion. Interview.

Tell us about the creation of Brigitte's garden…

At the end of the 80s, we left with my husband in search of a beautiful piece of land, with a view to transforming it into a garden. I have always loved gardening, but what started out as a passion has become a full-time job over the years! As we did not have at the time all the current means of information - Internet, TV programs or the large well-stocked garden centers which exist today - I learned gardening on the job, by trying every day to new grafts and plantations, and with the help of a few journals. So we bought this space, where we now live, which was initially only a meadow. Over the plantations, years, visits to other gardens, my imagination and above all the generosity of nature, the structure took shape. I opened it to the public in 2010, as soon as the whole could be aesthetic and rich enough to be visited. I really like to admire the other gardens so much, that I immediately thought that other people would enjoy visiting mine!

What is special about this garden?

Brigitte's Gardens are multi-faceted, both ordered, thoughtful, but also a little wild. Many paths wind through a dense and varied vegetation, to the delight of the visitors' senses. The garden has lots of trees and shrubs, which are surrounded by vicaces, roses and ferns - my favorite plants! The plants are adapted to a rich clay soil and keep moisture well. There are therefore several types of plants, vegetables, flowers and trees, which coexist in a free and joyful whole. This represents a lot of maintenance work during the year, but I take real pleasure in it despite many failures. For those who wish to follow its evolution, I started a blog five years ago: lejardindebrigite.blogspot.com. I feed it throughout the seasons with photos and comments on my work, like a virtual visit accessible all year round!

Brigitte's Garden 25 rue Louis Werner 68210 Bernwiller (Haut Rhin) Tel: 03 89 25 36 04 More info on //lejardindebrigitte.blogspot.fr/