The best of Microplane in a box

The best of Microplane in a box

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To celebrate its 20 years, Microplane, the brand of American kitchen utensils, creates the Gourmet box. It includes a zester and a grater with ultra-sharp blades. A nice gift in anticipation of Christmas. The American brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary and wanted to thank its loyal French customers by offering a gourmet box. A good cook is someone who doesn't have a grater and a zester in her cupboards. It's time to catch up with these two utensils for the price of 39.90 euros. Indeed, the Microplane box includes the premium zester and the very large grater. They represent the basic equipment allowing to grate almost all the ingredients and thus to make beautiful recipes. In addition, the handles of these two utensils are in soft touch coating and have a nice iconic design. But above all they have super efficient stainless steel blades. Microplane is renowned for the cutting edge of its blades and recently launched a multi-sided cube.
You can take advantage of the prime zester with an ergonomic handle allowing a good grip. Food slides like butter on its blade. But also the very large grater which is part of one of the brand's flagship collections. With a non-slip tip for better stability, it grates many vegetables, fruits and cheeses. Its frame is laser welded and prevents food residue from accumulating.

"Made in USA" blades

These ultra-sophisticated utensils come from the Microplane company, located in Russellville, Arkansas. There, the blades are cut from surgical stainless steel using an acidic product to obtain extremely sharp surfaces. The progress advanced by Microplane is to develop blades with micro teeth that do not tear food.

Practical information :

Price: € 39.95 (special offer) instead of € 50.90 for the two graters purchased separately Available from all Microplane dealers now. //www.microplane-brandshop.com/fr_FR