Before / After: a house of 250m2

Before / After: a house of 250m2

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To give a good facelift to this Aix-en-Provence house with an 80's decor, the owners have called on the services of the Avéo agency. A lot of Home Staging work was done in each room to bring them up to date. Demonstration. Area : 250m2 Budget : 30,000 euros

The living room

Before : The lounge area lacks a coherent layout and is devoid of warmth and friendliness. It is crowded with two large dark sofas and an imposing dark wooden sideboard that darken the room. After : The base, the organization and the colors of the show have been preserved. Only a taupe wall was repainted behind the sofa to warm the atmosphere. The gray fabric sofa now sits alone in the room, which is bathed in light thanks to decorative accessories in shades of beige.

The kitchen

Before : With its very Provencal look, this kitchen has all the trendy ingredients from the 70s. But today, it is simply outdated! After : With a few brushstrokes, this kitchen is completely transformed and completely in tune with the times. The tiling on the wall and the furniture have been repainted in an anthracite gray color for a very successful makeover!

The master bedroom

Before : Ultra glamorous but nevertheless imposing red is not a color to bet in total look in the bedroom. Here, it turns out to be too present and prevents light from circulating. After : The bedroom has been stripped and the walls have been repainted with lighter and more sober colors in order to neutralize the room as much as possible. Appliques with simple lines and current bedside tables have been installed for the trendy decorative touch.

Children's room

Before : Very impersonal, this child's room lacks a playful and joyful touch. The yellow and blue association, certainly very in vogue in the 90s, no longer shows great originality today. After : Once repainted in light colors, this child's bedroom takes on a whole new look! The beds were installed on the same section of wall in order to free up a play area. As for the closet doors, they also have a new look with a bright white color.

The bathroom

Before : Seaside atmosphere too anchored in the 80s in this attic bathroom. The brown tiles on the floor denote with the rest of the room. The whole thing really lacks harmony! After : The tiling has been completely repainted in white and gray to lighten the room. The vanity unit and the mirror have been changed to more contemporary models. The plus: vinyl flooring with parquet effect for a touch of warmth.

The veranda

Before : Dining room, terrace, living room? One wonders about the true function of this veranda. The orange brown floor creates a very rustic atmosphere and does not match the rest of the furniture at all. After : The objective was to give a real function to this veranda. The home trainee decided to make it a cozy, boudoir corner with a coffee table and a large pouffe. The floor was covered with a vinyl imitation parquet floor.


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