Anthropologie opens a corner at BHV Marais Paris

Anthropologie opens a corner at BHV Marais Paris

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Anthropologie arrives in Paris! The bohemian chic brand of the Urban Outfitters group opened its corner on September 5 at the BHV Marais. No need to fly to New York to discover the products of the American brand that has established itself on the ground floor of the Paris store.

A trendy boutique from the United States

Founded in 1992 in Pennsylvania, Anthropologie is the very symbol of bohemian chic. Clothes, accessories, home decoration and gifts reflect each desire and each style through collections that are always unique. Designers travel the world in search of special products and collaborations with talented artists. We are delighted to finally welcome them to France!

Photo credits: BHV Marais

Finally a corner in France!

Anthropologie products, previously only available on the e-shop, will now be visible in the 70 square meters on the ground floor of BHV Marais. Dishes, linens, candles rub shoulders with the American brand's clothing and jewelry in a very rural setting. We already love the cups with bohemian accents, the casseroles printed on the plates and the gourmet and colorful candles. Info to remember: the product selection will be enriched with new products every three weeks!

Photo credits: BHV Marais


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