Ten years known as design, a retrospective not to be missed at the Centquatre

Ten years known as design, a retrospective not to be missed at the Centquatre

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For 10 years, Ousmane Mbaye, Dakar designer and creator of universal furniture, has tamed metal and colors. For a month, the Centquatre highlights its work through a retrospective that invites you to discover this energy and this "know-how".

A technician-craftsman turned artist-creator

Trained in manual trades by a long apprenticeship in particular with his father, Ousmane Mbaye became aware during his life of the importance of mastering the technique, but also of the aesthetic aspect of the creations. Its furniture, autonomous, inspires a breath of real architecture based on simple needs. His chairs are, for example, made from old petrol cans unearthed in Dakar. An artisanal production where recycling and aesthetics are closely linked.

Ten years staged

Look, touch, sit and take the time. Here is the key word of the retrospective staged in different places from Cenquatre to Paris. It is 10 years of this designer that you can browse through works created specially for the event. From September 6 to October 5, 2014 Free admission The Centquatre 5 rue Curial, Paris 19eme //www.104.fr/


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