I transform my cellar into a laundry room

I transform my cellar into a laundry room

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Making your cellar a laundry room is a great idea to save a little space. Be aware though that depending on the type of cellar you have, it is possible that arrangements may be required. Electrical installation, water supply, ventilation, transforming a cellar can be synonymous with work. And to advise you the best, we went to Leroy Merlin to get the opinion of a professional.

Estimate the scope of the work

To transform your cellar into a laundry room is to install a washing machine, a dryer and, possibly, a drying rack and the necessary for ironing. First of all, you have to plan the work by asking yourself the right questions: does my cellar have a window? Does it have a water supply and a water drainage system? What are the walls and the floor made of? All these questions allow you to have a better idea of ​​the scope of the work but also to know which professional to turn to.

The ventilation system

A laundry room should be ventilated. If your cellar has a window, this is a real asset. You just have to invest in a ventilation system which will be placed on the glass of this window. If this is not the case, you must make, or have made, a ventilation system. There are then two possibilities. If your walls are buried, a VMC must be installed. If your walls are not buried, simply ventilate to the outside or, if your budget allows, have a window fitted with an integrated ventilation system.

Electrical outlets

You should know that for safety reasons, it is advisable that the electrical outlets of a laundry room not be near the floor but at the height of the switches. So they are visible and therefore ventilated. The electrical installations of a laundry room must be identical to that of the water rooms.

Water inlet and outlet

If you want to make your cellar a laundry room, you must have a water supply as well as a drainage system. If your cellar already has a sink or sink, the work is less substantial but essential because your washing machine must have its own connections. Have your work done by a plumber so that the installations are up to standard.

Our questions to Leroy Merlin

To complete all this information, we asked 3 questions to the telephone assistance set up by Leroy Merlin: Question 1: Is it necessary to have a ventilation system if we have a condenser dryer? Be aware that even if you have a condenser dryer, having ventilation is essential to maintain a healthy cellar and increase the life of the washing machine and dryer. Question 2: Should work be planned on the coverings? On the ground, the surface must be flat and even. Ideally, your cellar should be tiled. When the washing machine is in spin mode, it can be destabilized by an uneven floor. Any movement can cause damage and significantly reduce the service life of the devices. Question 3: Do you have to install several sockets or opt for a multiple socket? Depending on the size of your cellar, we recommend that you have 3 sockets: one for the washing machine, one for the dryer and an additional. Remember to check the amperage of your cellar fuse. In general, you must provide 10A but if you plan to return to your laundry room, choose a 16A fuse.


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