What are the different types of plumbing pipes?

What are the different types of plumbing pipes?

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Answer: copper, but also PVC, PER, multilayer and flexible.

Until recently, only copper was used for plumbing pipes, the use of lead being prohibited. But today the choice is much wider. Next to the classic annealed or hardened copper piping, which is still used for its strength and solidity, there are 5 other types of plumbing pipes (from the cheapest to the most expensive): PVC piping, in particular superchlorinated PVC (the main advantage of which is that it does not require soldering), PER piping (which tends to supplant copper and which does not build up), multilayer piping (which ensures optimum sealing), and finally flexible piping (which is mainly used in complex cases for which the other solutions do not work).


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