The house sees life in technicolor

The house sees life in technicolor

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The interior design is more vibrant than ever. It is the gaiety that invites itself at home with the technicolor trend. A pop style, where carefree and daring combine to give a brand new freshness to the house. After the era of monochrome, the time for spectacular color has come. The technicolor floods daily life with its joyful notes, in every room of the house.

A technicolor kitchen

Winning recipe for this flagship piece reserved for the art of gluttony. Colors with delicious names make their home in contemporary cuisine: saffron yellow, raspberry pink, iced brown, anise green, almond green and mint blue are their place. A delirious cocktail that makes its cinema. And for the design note, these colors of happiness rub shoulders with metallic shades with a mat or oxidized effect. The technicolor kitchen does not neglect the essential clarity, and is equipped with large windows or bay windows to better let in the bright daylight. Sublime friendly place where we share good times.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Multicolored bathroom

Nothing could be easier than inviting the technicolor style to the bathroom: the glass bottles come in an infinite palette of colors, the bath linen plays with flashy prints and dazzling solids. Bathtub, shower tray and washbasin metamorphosed, covered in colors that were hitherto improbable. As for coatings, they do not escape the new trend and bring a colorful mineral touch to the floor as to the walls. The pebbles evoke the stones rolled by the sea, flat and soft to the touch. Their nuances of amber, amethyst, topaz or rose quartz suddenly make us want to extend a well-being break.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

The show focuses on color

Stop the gloom! The technicolor trend is confirmed at the show where objects, accessories, carpets, curtains and even furniture play with the widest chromatic range there is. The color spectrum is now the guest of choice, the star of moments with family or friends, the diva of interior decoration. The beneficial vibrations of the most lively tones open the chakras of the occupants, surprised to be suddenly so happy. Technicolor style is an art of living. Blood red, lemon yellow, purple, jade green flirt without complex. Fused prints of cushions scattered everywhere, revamped library, ultra-colored sofa and armchairs: we dare everything and we assume our attraction for joy.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

The room is electrified

Without abusing the color in the adult room, the current current encourages all the same to punctuate this room with a few electric notes. The midnight blue conducive to rest is littered with a few lightning flashes of pink, orange or bright yellow. In the child's bedroom, the parsimony of colors disappears to make way for an enchanting theater. The walls come alive with fantastic colorful characters so that the little ones fall asleep, lulled by enchanted dreams, by the light of a rainbow lantern. For teens, flash colors mark the trend, even if there are still some notes of black, steel gray and white in their bedroom.

Phoro credit: Maisons du Monde


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