A facelift to my vegetable garden for less than 150 euros

A facelift to my vegetable garden for less than 150 euros

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Abandoned for too long your vegetable garden requires a little facelift? This is good, the editorial staff has thought of a multitude of tips at low cost to put it back on its feet! Here are some ideas to reuse without blowing up your wallet.

Repaint the wooden squares: 37.95 euros per pot

Have you opted for a vegetable garden organized in squares, but the wood is no longer as pretty as when you bought it a few years ago? You don't have to repaint it to make it look great again. To be original, bet on a color that contrasts like this beautiful flashy purple.
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Bet on decorative bells: 9.99 euros for three

To promote the growth of your salads without using chemicals and above all while preserving the decorative spirit of your vegetable garden, invest in pretty bells. In addition to being original, they recall the current trend in our interiors: the old spheres of the bride and groom.
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Organize with slate labels: 34 euros ten

They are trendy and we want to plant them everywhere. We are of course referring to the slate labels which allow us to organize our plantations as well as possible. Thyme here, parsley there, easy to find your way around in the vegetable garden just planted seeds. A big yes to this little extra decoration!
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Opt for a nice watering can: 39.90 euros

Decidedly, you can no longer see in paint this banal plastic watering can near your vegetable patch. It might be time to replace it! Then choose a zinc model full of authenticity or colored and aged metal for the touch of charm.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Install a small greenhouse: 24.99 euros

Useful for gardening all year round, greenhouses are also pretty decorative tools. They are preferably chosen in wood or metal to give the vegetable garden a most authentic look.
Photo credit: Outiror