Tutorial: create a medal for your pet

Tutorial: create a medal for your pet

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Are you going to adopt a new pet? Have you thought about attaching a pretty little medal to her necklace? More than a nice looking accessory, this small object will allow you to find your cat or dog more quickly if it gets lost. Funny, minimalist or graphic, we will learn how to make a medal in a jiffy that will perfectly match your 4-legged friend.


- a crazy plastic sheet - a small key ring - colored pencils - a compass - a cutter - scissors - an oven and parchment paper
Budget: around 15 euros for several medals Duration: around 30 minutes


1. Start by locating the sanded face of the crazy plastic and draw a circle or the desired shape. Please note: crazy plastic shrinks a lot during cooking. For the paper I have chosen, the manufacturer announces that it reduces by 7 times. But after a first test, it only reduced by half! To avoid disappointment, I advise you to make a cooking test (step 4) to determine at what size to draw your pattern. Cut with scissors or cut your shape. Draw and create the hole to be able to pass the fastener. For my part, a hole punch (5mm in diameter at 8mm from the edge) does the trick perfectly.

I cut a cat's head

2. You can now draw your motif on the sanded side of the plastic with colored pencils. Plastic shrinking, don't forget to write big enough! My tip: to obtain a shiny-looking medallion, write backwards: the smooth, shiny side will become the visible side.

Writing backwards is not easy, but for Youki and Touilly, anything is possible!

3. Place a sheet of baking paper on a baking sheet and preheat to the temperature indicated for your crazy plastic (for me, 150 ° C). Then place your creation in the middle of the plate. Do not panic: the crazy plastic will shrink into strange shapes. When it is flat, the cooking is finished!

I watch my crazy plastic evolve in my oven

4. Take your medallion out of the oven and flatten it with a book so that it is flat. Then pass the key ring in the hole ... and voila!

Tada! My medals are ready!


You can now offer your 4-legged friend their most beautiful medal! For a unique result, give free rein to your imagination and adapt the shape, the patterns and the message. All you have to do is immortalize your pet's proud face with its new medal!

Youki looks happy, right?

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