A facelift in my Scandinavian decor for less than 210 euros

A facelift in my Scandinavian decor for less than 210 euros

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Right on trend, your interior perfectly respects the codes of Nordic style. However, you find the decor a bit outdated and you don't like it as much as on the first day. Breathe and be inspired by our 5 tips and tricks to freshen up your Scandinavian interior and accessorize it with taste, all without breaking the bank. It's this way !

Repaint your room in white: 20 euros

As the Nordic style sees life in white, we play the monochrome card. In addition to giving volume to your rooms, this color promotes natural light and embellishes the space.
Photo credit: Ikea

Add air suspension in pastel colors: 3.90 euros (small model) and 5.90 euros (large model)

And to give a little pep to your decor, opt for suspensions borrowed from lightness. Between pastel shades and Tie and Dye, create a poetic atmosphere with Japanese balls. All at a lower cost.
Photo credits: / Fly

Change your bed linen: 69 euros

To strengthen and sublimate the Nordic spirit that reigns in your room, invest in a graphic bed set. In addition to trendy patterns, opt for a pastel color, like this mint green, both soft and relaxing.
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Accessorize with a lady Jeanne: 29.99 euros

What is the accessory that marks its return to our Scandinavian interiors? Lady Jeanne of course! Long neglected, this funny glass bottle particularly seduces us. As a decorative object or diverted into a design vase, we adopt it without further delay.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Add a rattan rocking chair: 79.99 euros

And to perfect your brand new Nordic decor, adopt a must-have: the rocking chair! Choose a model with a timeless look, mixing metal and rattan, and let yourself be rocked.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde