I have thick beams on the ceiling. Which light should I install?

I have thick beams on the ceiling. Which light should I install?

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Answer: a chandelier or not too small spots.

It's all a matter of taste, and the choice is vast. You just have to make sure that the spots are not too small, because the beams tend to darken a room, especially if they are large and if your ceiling is not painted white. The light must also be able to pass under the beam. If you want to bring originality to your room, know that there are spots designed specially for beams. These spots can either be fixed on the beam, or stretched by a system of wires. It is also possible to fix them on the sides of the beams or directly on the ceiling, between the beams. This last option will allow you to play with the lights, because the light jet between each beam will accentuate the length of the room. If you prefer classic atmospheres, nothing prevents you from opting for a chandelier, which you can fix between two beams.


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