Koziol, the vitamin decor

Koziol, the vitamin decor

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Koziol is a company specialized in the creation of objects, which - while being functional - are nonetheless true works of art. From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom, Koziol brightens up our daily life with colorful touches. Trash cans, dishes, pencil jars, light fixtures and bottle racks are as fun as they are practical, aesthetic than ecological. Koziol perfectly combines tableware, design and originality.
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Birth of a brand

More than 80 years ago, in 1927, the family business Koziol was founded in Germany. Bernhard Koziol - then an ivory sculptor - specialized in the creation of everyday plastic objects, always more colorful and original. This pioneer, concept developer, is gradually surrounding himself with outstanding designers from all over the world, and Koziol creations - considered exceptional - will be repeatedly crowned with prizes and awards. Each year, they are exhibited in more than forty salons. Today, the Koziol company is managed by Stephan Koziol, son of Bernhard, and Thorsten Muntermann. Its headquarters are in Erbach in Hesse, Germany. Sixty percent of its products are exported to more than fifty countries.

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Koziol, an exemplary course of action

The Koziol company specializes in the creation of design objects intended for daily use in all rooms of the house, and advertising gifts no less unique. In addition to being unique, bringing a touch of gaiety to everyday life, Koziol objects are the fruit of work of impeccable quality which will be worth the Koziol production to be certified. Within society, the course of action is steadfastly held by total respect for sustainable development not only economically but also socially. Koziol, a responsible company, manufactures exclusively in Germany and guarantees the constant quality of its products.
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Daily gaiety

The Koziol collections are at the same time popular, high-end and of an incredible wealth. To taste Koziol products is to take the risk of not being able to do without it. They make life easier and their colors bring a sacred touch of madness to the vitamin decor. Colombus egg cup, appetizer, Brad bread basket, chisel and its support, Pedro juicer, but also tableware leave no room for gloom. Joy is invited to all meals. Note that the Leaf salad bowl by Koziol still received the honorable Good Design Award from Chicago! For the bathroom, toothed glass, sponge holder, jewelry holder mirror or toilet paper dispenser are all fun, ultra-colorful and practical objects. Koziol also manufactures ultra-crunchy dream balls.

The Koziol light

Indispensable, the Koziol luminaire which adapts to all interiors is no exception to the rule: it brings a lot of character to the decor. Everyone can find the light that suits them: graphic, sophisticated, refined, or just basic. From the small lamp for confined space to the XXL pendant lamp such as Josephine Royal, a fascinating creation, and Stella M for large and high-rise rooms, the art of lighting up your home is called Koziol.
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