Material focus: how to choose a paint knife?

Material focus: how to choose a paint knife?

The paint knives are intended to spread thick paints on a canvas, or to work the material by impasto so as to apply thicker touches of paint for texture and relief effects. There are painting knives with various blade shapes to choose from depending on the desired effect.

Characteristics of painting knives

The painting knives have a flexible steel blunt blade (not sharp) and a bent handle which prevents the hand from rubbing against the support during use. The blade can be short or elongated, straight, pointed, rounded, triangular, rectangular or trapezoidal, symmetrical or asymmetrical. We advise you to have several painting knives that will adapt to whatever effects you want. You can find knives by unit from around 3 euros, and complete kits between 10 and 20 euros. They are therefore quite affordable tools which resist wear well.

The different uses of painting knives

The painting knives are used with paintings thick, acrylic or oil. The large knives will be used for the large flat areas while the small ones will be used for the details. The painting knife can be used not only for painting but also for mixing painting on your palette, clean it and scrape it off painting on its support. The knife allows you to put touches of color in specific places, which the brush cannot do without spreading the painting present below. The effect obtained with a knife is different from that obtained with a brush. It allows to highlight certain details thanks to a painting thick.