Hardware focus: how to choose an easel?

Hardware focus: how to choose an easel?

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In addition to brushes, paints, pencils, papers and other news: 739 835 pastels, any self-respecting artist must have one or more easels essential for the realization of his works. The easel is a stand on legs designed to hold the painting in place. It comes in different shapes, sizes and perhaps in wood (the most common), steel, aluminum, brass ... Some advice for choosing your easel. The different types of easels You will choose your easel according to the methods of painting used, of your paintings, but also of the places where you work. We distinguish :
  • the easels table, intended to accommodate small and medium canvases. They are generally used indoors, are foldable and their feet are often adjustable. We use them a lot as decoration, to exhibit his works at home for example. They are light and therefore easily transportable. In addition, they are inexpensive: you will find from ten euros on easel wooden (often bamboo);
  • the easels workshop are intended for indoor use, because they are bulky and difficult to transport. They support canvases of all sizes. They are robust and stable, ideally equipped with lockers to accommodate all the equipment painting /drawing . These are often the most expensive, with prices ranging from a hundred euros for a easel basic, up to more than 600 euros for the most luxurious models;
  • the boxes easels are compact and practical for transporting your equipment. They unfold and fold easily. You will find models around forty euros for the first prices;
  • the easels can be used outdoors, they are tiltable to adapt to all terrains. They include handles and lockers and are foldable for carrying anywhere. Prices range from around twenty to fifty euros in general, for a size that can accommodate medium-sized canvases.
The criteria for choosing your easel In addition to the technique you use and the place in which you practice, a few qualitative criteria must be taken into account when choosing your easels. Stability is very important. Your easel must be sturdy and fitted with properly fitted screws. The choice of material is also very important: wood is often preferred with a clear preference for beech which has proven its worth in terms of resistance. For a easel workshop, do not hesitate to turn to a metal structure that will withstand time and wear better. Choose a easel with adjustable inclination, in order to be able to adapt the position to your practice: watercolor, for example, works better horizontally, because it is very liquid and therefore risks sinking. Many artists have several easels which adapt to their uses, the size of their fabrics, etc.


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