Clogged Sanibroyeur: what to do?

Clogged Sanibroyeur: what to do?

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A sanibroyeur or grinder WC is a very practical WC which is installed where it is impossible to have a conventional WC. Thanks to a grinder, the elements present in the water of the bowl are more easily evacuated. However, before crushing or at the time of evacuation, it is not uncommon for a sanibroyeur to clog. To take advantage of this toilet again, you must unblock it. How? 'Or' What ? Here are the editorial solutions.

Unblock the sanibroyeur yourself

Because it has a complex mechanism, the sanibroyeur is more fragile than a conventional toilet. It is easily clogged either by droppings, toilet paper or by items which should not be thrown in a grinding toilet like paper towels, feminine protections, diapers or wipes. To restore good drainage, remove the plug, either with an open hanger or with a rolled up cloth. It is imperative to unplug the sanibroyeur before unclogging. If necessary, the sanibroyeur can also be dismantled in order to gain access to the entry to the pipes. Once again, an open hanger or a cloth will do the trick.

Tools and products for unclogging a sanibroyeur

To unblock a sanibroyeur, you must have the necessary. In DIY stores, you will find high performance chemical unblockers. Many of these products can be used in a sanibrator. However, it is imperative to read the instructions carefully to have confirmation. There are also manual unblockers such as vacuum cleaners, air pump unblockers or hoses. Very easy to use, these tools are affordable and can be used several times. It is possible to obtain it in DIY stores, in hardware stores or in supermarkets.

Call a professional

A sanibroyeur is fragile. This is why, if you cannot unclog it yourself, call a plumber. The latter will be able to unblock, repair, or even change part of the sanibroyeur or the entire grinder toilet. It is not uncommon for a plumber to not be able to repair all types of sanibroyeur. Each professional has his favorite brands. Before bringing someone in, you must call several plumbers to find out about their expertise and, of course, their rates.

Change sanibroyeur

It is sometimes impossible to unclog the sanibroyeur. In this case it is necessary to change part or all of the grinder toilet. You have two options: do it yourself or hire a professional. Changing the sanibrator is as technical as installing one. At first, you will have to cut the electricity and the water, disconnect these supplies then remove the grinder or the complete toilet. The new elements must then be installed, matching them with water and electricity. Note that calling on a professional guarantees the work. Thus, if there are incidents with the sanibroyeur, the damage will be covered.