Before / After: a small tailor-made entry

Before / After: a small tailor-made entry

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This 31 square meter apartment, located in the XVII arrondissement of Paris, has been completely renovated. Regarding the small main entrance, the owners wanted to have a more ergonomic and practical space, especially to be able to store clothes without losing space. The agency team Les Murs a ears has therefore redoubled its ingenuity to make this room a functional passageway. Area: about 4m² Budget: 2000 € for demolition, new partitions, paint, parquet and electricity, 2000 € for the cupboard, 250 € for the false ceiling and 1000 € for the suspended library

A brighter room

Before: The entrance, originally small and narrow, was dim. The objective was twofold: restructure the space and purify the volumes. For this, the partitions were knocked down and the frame and its transom removed. After: To create an impression of space, a light oak parquet floor was laid on the floor, identical to that of the living room and the living room (€ 50 per m2 at Leroy Merlin). The walls were painted in skim white (Skimming Stone shade from Farrow and Ball) and the ceiling in white. Once the room was redesigned, a silver mirror signed Sogal was placed on the sliding doors of the closet. It reflects natural light, so that the room is more luminous, and also significantly enlarges the space.

A two in one closet

Before: The closet that was located in the entrance was not functional. The shelves inside were not very fixed and it was a bit difficult to navigate! After: The architects have created a custom closet / dressing room, longer than the existing one. It allows you to store both maintenance devices (vacuum cleaner, ironing board) and clothes to make up for the lack of storage in the room. To optimize storage, the cupboard has been fitted with multiple compartments along the entire length. A false ceiling (2.4 m high by 10 cm thick) with recessed spotlights was also created.

A custom hanging furniture

Before: An unsightly electrical panel hung on the wall needed to be hidden. After: The architects imagined a hanging bookcase to hide the painting. Painted in the same shade as the entrance walls, it now blends into the decor. Only the doors are of three different colors (Elephant's Breath, Dove Tale and Charleston Gray from Farrow and Ball). Books but also small decorative items and accessories dress the furniture and color the wall at the same time. More info on Charlotte Soissons Lenormand, The Walls Have Ears