I tested for you: the chef

I tested for you: the chef

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Ready-to-go dishes worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant? Here is the very attractive idea imagined by chef Anne Sophie Pic, who partnered for the occasion with the Swiss start-up Nutrecia. Its concept - called Chef cuisine - is based on the ultra-precise heating of ready-to-eat dishes: a new form of gastronomy that promises to revolutionize the world of home delivery! It was with great curiosity that I went to taste the creations of the French chef ... and I can assure you that I was surprised by the result.

A very innovative concept

When we talk about the world of prepared meals, the reactions are rarely enthusiastic: between massive industrialization and poor product quality, the recipes do not really make consumers dream, who are rather wary of them. It is to counter this negative image that Anne Sophie Pic launched herself into the conception of a new form of gastronomy. Called Chef Cuisine, the principle consists in reheating at home, in a robot specially designed for the occasion, trays made by the three-star chef. On the same principle as a Nespresso capsule machine, the device recognizes the type of integrated tray and precisely calculates the heating time necessary for the food contained inside. A small revolution which makes it possible to obtain tender and golden chicken supremes, or an impeccably tender yellow poached egg!

How it works ?

The cooking appliance, which required more than 4 years of development, is designed to reheat 6 different preparations at the same time. Its principle? A steam and bain-marie heating system that gently finishes cooking the food contained in the trays. A small chip integrated in each of them allows the machine to detect the type of food and to adapt the heat and the cooking time: once the appliance is switched on, the different compartments start operating at gradually, for a heating time varying between 20 and 30 minutes. I was seduced by the colorful design of the robot, which is beautifully displayed on a work surface without cluttering it too much. Another positive point, its ultra simple operation: a single button, which allows you to simultaneously turn it on, turn it off and select the different options. The digital screen tells us where it is cooking. In short, a neophyte in electronics can perfectly use the machine without spending hours on the manual!

Dishes as beautiful as they are tasty

Let's go to the final step: once the tray has warmed up, simply place the different preparations on the plate according to the instructions of the star chef. The training is explained step by step, just use the utensils supplied with the cooking robot at the time of purchase. Once the implementation is complete, I must admit that the plate is worthy of a gourmet restaurant ... And flavor side, everything is perfect. From the poached egg with mushrooms accompanied by a turmeric sauce to the Madagascar vanilla bass fillet, I discovered completely new and really subtle tastes.
As Anne Sophie Pic pointed out at the time of its launch, the success of a recipe depends first on good ingredients associated with precise cooking. Two essentials that we find in each of the preparations: the starred chef personally chose his suppliers, and carried out hours of tests to find the ideal cooking time for each dish. The prices remain quite accessible, with dishes sold between 5 and 16 € (knowing that a tray is provided for two people). 30 preparations are available, renewed each season ... Enough to awaken our taste buds throughout the year!
Cooking robot and its accessory box for dressing: 149 €. Dishes between 5 and 16 €, signature menu at 60 €. Delivery is free from 6 dishes ordered.