Réveil Café, the connected coffee maker from SEB

Réveil Café, the connected coffee maker from SEB

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The Tefal brand offers a new innovative coffee maker, which can be programmed remotely. Whether you want to have hot coffee when you wake up or not leave the table to prepare coffee for your guests, this ultra connected device will change your life. Only condition for its use: have a Smartphone.

Dual use remotely

The Réveil Café machine is two in one since it serves as both an alarm clock and a coffee maker, while being connected to a mobile application. The device can also be used exclusively as an alarm clock or a coffee maker. Depending on your schedule, you can configure it to prepare coffee as soon as you get out of bed or at a very specific time.
You will only have to prepare your filter and your ground coffee the day before, which the coffee maker will remind you with the help of an alarm. To avoid any accident, the latter will cut off automatically if you forget to put the coffee in and stops after thirty minutes of keeping it warm.

A dedicated application

The connection between the application and the coffee maker is via Bluetooth. The Réveil Café application is available (free) on the Apple Store and Google Play. Several smartphones can be connected to it if there are several inhabitants in your house, who do not have the same rhythm of life. No longer worry about annual time changes: the time synchronization of the coffee maker with the smartphone is automatic. Réveil Café also works in airplane mode.
Fourteen modes are available, while certain functionalities are very practical such as the "Immediate launch" function to activate the coffee maker remotely, the "SOS Dosage" function so as not to miss your coffee, the "SOS Descaling" function so that you know when to clean your device. Price: 75 euros
For more info, visit Tefal