3 tips to receive your family at home

3 tips to receive your family at home

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The end-of-year celebrations are often synonymous with reception: family members sometimes come from far away to share a friendly moment during Christmas ... So that these few days are as relaxed as possible, good organization s is essential! Follow the guide to receive your loved ones in a welcoming, simple and efficient way.

Prepare meals in advance

Knowing how to welcome its guests is an art, yet less complicated than it seems at first glance: by following a few basic rules, your home will turn into a warm and cozy cocoon very appreciated by those around you! First rule of thumb, organization. All seasoned hosts agree that it is essential to prepare the arrival of guests upstream: the most complicated position is undoubtedly the preparation of meals, better to think about it in advance. Develop a schedule with precise menus for each day, as well as the list of ingredients necessary for their preparation to facilitate shopping. If possible, opt for traditional dishes that you can cook in advance and freeze: you will save precious time when you sit down to eat, and will be able to enjoy your guests a little more. Another solution is dishes that require little or no preparation, such as raclette for example. In any case, keep it simple when choosing your recipes, to be sure to please as many people as possible!

A comfortable and welcoming room

To make your guests feel at home, nothing beats a comfortable and carefully furnished room. Make the bed with pretty ornaments, without forgetting to place a cozy blanket for the more chilly and bath sheets. Consider adding a light source near the bedside for evening reading breaks. Another important detail, the space required to install a suitcase and store some clothes. Do not hesitate to empty a chest of drawers or free up space in the cupboard (leaving empty hangers available) so that your loved ones can store their belongings there.

Organize activities

Once the question of rooms and meals has been settled, remember to organize the days so as to alternate activities and rest times. Walks, visits or sports activities are welcome to get some fresh air and spend unforgettable moments with your family!