How I Saved My Wallet: The Potting Tables

How I Saved My Wallet: The Potting Tables

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Very practical, potting tables allow everyone, budding or experienced gardeners, to prepare, repot or even maintain their plants easily. has selected for you a few gardening tables at a low price! Do you like gardening? Do you like to take care of your plants? You will need a potting table! Varied sizes, shapes and styles, there are many potting tables on the market: you will definitely find what you are looking for. One question remains, however: for what budget? Rest assured, each wallet will find a gardening table that suits it. Whether wooden or steel, fixed or foldable, these potting tables will allow you to store your tools and put your pots there to take care of your plants. Discreet or original, often aesthetic and elegant, they blend perfectly with a garden or terrace. As for the price, it is often the construction material as well as the number and quality of storage that determine it. If your budget is really too tight, nothing prevents you from achieving it yourself! There are many tutorials available to help you design it.
1. The Madera potting table, sold at € 15.90 at OOGarden 2. The Violet prep table, sold at € 47.20 at Cémonjardin 3. The Parasene potting table, sold at € 60.06 at Amazon 4. The Burger preparation table, sold at € 79.00 at TopLudo 5. Galvanized steel two-level potting table, sold at € 32.90 at OOGarden 6. Esschert Design wood and zinc potting table, sold at € 94.95 at Jardinitis


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