5 tips to cleverly hide your television

5 tips to cleverly hide your television

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Television punctuates our daily lives. Ideal for an evening watching a good movie, to follow the information, it is not a design object either. How to blend it into our decoration without attracting the eye? give you his tips to hide your TV with ease!

Make your TV a decorative element

Today, all commercial flat screens can be hung on the wall rather than being placed on a stand. To make your TV as discreet as possible in your decoration, hang it in the middle of other tables to minimize its visual impact. Otherwise, think of the TV stand, a great classic.

Your TV: a work of art

You do not have the necessary space for a room dedicated to television but do not want to expose your screen to the wall? Several companies offer to frame it, or even hide it behind a painting. As in the picture, your TV will only appear when you need it.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

A TV in the living room? Not terrible… A nice mirror? Much better ! You can even have both: invest in a special mirror that hides your screen when it is off but lets the image pass when it is on.

Hide your screen in a piece of furniture

There are many tips for hiding your television. You can therefore also hide your television in a cabinet. You can easily find small, rather thin cabinets on the market that can accommodate a television. As in the picture, show your creativity by fixing your screen to the flap of a low coffee table.

Make cables invisible

If the television is certainly not the most beautiful object of your interiors, the cables which come with it are a real problem. We take our feet, they collect all the dust and are not really design ... Again, there are several solutions. You can choose to dress them up, as in the photo, giving them a rustic look by wrapping them in a thick rope hanging on the wall. The most discreet solution is that of hollow plinths which can house them.


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