The brandt induction table

The brandt induction table

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Do you have a small space? You don't want to burden yourself with a big stove? Brandt has the solution for you. Thanks to its posable induction table, cooking is easy! You just have to put it on a piece of furniture to be able to cook like a little chef. The editor of you says more about this new handy device.
Compact and ultra-flat, this free-standing induction hob will naturally find its place in your kitchen. Placed on a piece of furniture, a work surface or even on a table, it will be very discreet. This new cooking appliance, signed Brandt, is endowed with multiple functions to vary the pleasures and offer you a perfect cooking of food in complete safety! Don't wait any longer before tasting your dishes! Its power of 2000W and its Booster mode offer you an ultra fast temperature rise. It also has a timer for up to 180 minutes to simmer your favorite dishes without having to watch them. The induction hob offers 5 pre-programmed cooking keys and keeps your dishes warm. Thanks to the Slider control, the power is controlled with a simple swipe of the finger. Easy to use, practical and space-saving, this Brandt induction hob will delight the most picky of you in terms of household appliances. Brandt TISLIM cooktop from 99 euros


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