How to avoid the invasion of cat hair at home?

How to avoid the invasion of cat hair at home?

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Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and ... your cat will moult! His summer coat will give way to a more supplied coat for the winter. A period which can make the routines "cleaning" a little more complicated.

Rule n ° 1: your cat, you will brush

During moulting periods, remember to brush your cat regularly. This will allow you to pick up many hairs on the brush, rather than picking them up on your clothes or the floor. A brush stroke, we vacuum the hairs that we dropped, and presto! Choose a brush adapted to the length of your cat's hair. FURminator brushes will allow you to remove impressive amounts of hair. If your cat is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, take advantage of it! Some brands have created special tips to brush your cat or dog. There are even small vacuum cleaner brushes designed specifically for animals.

Rule n ° 2: static electricity you will fight

You will have noticed: you can do the cleaning, there is always cat hair. And as long as there are some suspended in the air, they will systematically stick to your clothes. The person responsible: static electricity! Animal hair is usually charged with static electricity. This is why they stick everywhere, and especially on your clothes! To limit static electricity on your clothes, get rid of cat hair first. Once your laundry is clean, spray a little hairspray on your clothes. Lacquer avoids static electricity. Cat hair should stick less easily.

Rule n ° 3: your cat, you will pamper

The moulting period is also not a rest for your cat: when it cleans, the cat tends to ingest a few hairs. If your cat tends to lose large amounts of hair, this could cause digestive problems. Remember to leave catnip available for your cat. Your cat needs it even more during the moulting period: this allows him to more easily evacuate any hairballs ingested. You can place a fleece blanket over his nap spot. With static electricity, the hairs will remain more easily on the cover and will not invade the rest of the living room! Be careful if your cat has long hair: static electricity can promote knots in the hair.
And now that your cat is losing less hair, take the opportunity to cuddle him!