A facelift to my kitchen for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my kitchen for less than 200 euros

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When you want to refresh a room such as the kitchen, you imagine having to spend a fortune to bring it up to date. However, with a little idea, a few tips and time, you can give him a new life without spending all his savings. Stickers, special paints and objects at low prices will be your allies to give a facelift to your kitchen with a budget of 200 euros.

Repaint wooden furniture: 65.79 euros per 2.5 liter pot

If the wooden kitchen in which you invested several years ago is of good quality and in very good condition, know that you can keep it while giving it a more modern style. With a little elbow grease, the right tools and an adequate paint that can be applied even on varnished furniture, you give it a trendy style without breaking the bank!

Install an adhesive splashback: 6.60 euros for the 25 cm² slab

If the tiling of your credenza is really too old, you can choose to repaint it. Another solution, even easier to make, is to make a new splashback from adhesive panels provided for this purpose, such as those found at Smart Tiles or Around the Wall. New look in no time.

Refresh the sink with a special resin: 39.90 euros per jar

Your sink is still in good condition but its color really means nothing to you? No worries, you just need to repaint it with a suitable resin. In red, blue, gray or white, there are now all the colors to refresh it. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves!

Change the mixer: 59 euros

Once the sink has been renovated, there is no question of leaving the old mixer in place. We really like this model found at Leroy Merlin, chrome-plated and with a clean and efficient design, with a double position cartridge, for economical use.

Fix wall storage: 6 euros for the storage bar, 2.99 euros for the hooks, 8 euros for the magnetic rail

Your work plan is overloaded and your walls are sad and bare, it's time to invest in wall storage. In addition to being decorative, they will save you space and will be very practical when it comes to preparing good meals. We go to Ikea to find our happiness and we leave with a support bar to hang pots, lids, accessories and a magnetic rail to store all your knives.