Recipe: pork stew with the Tupperware Micro Minute

Recipe: pork stew with the Tupperware Micro Minute

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What is usually the main ingredient in the casserole dish? Time ! All knowledgeable cooks will tell you, a good simmered dish spends hours in the kitchen cooking gently. Besides with electric slow cookers, we sometimes exceed 8 hours of (slow) cooking for an incomparable result. When you don't have the time to spend all this time, you can also count on the pressure cooker which accelerates the course of things. But when you don't have hotplates either? We could also simply cook something else, unless we are in possession of the latest Tupperware innovation, the Micro Minute!

The Tupperware Micro Minute

The Tupperware Micro Minute is in a way a new generation pressure cooker (although the Cookeo in this area is also in the running). This container which is to be placed in the microwave generates pressure during cooking, the food inside is then exposed to a high temperature (more than 100 ° C). The result is record cooking for a simmered dish, with a maximum time of 30 minutes. A balance sheet to qualify, however, the cooking time being followed by a compulsory rest time before tasting.
To test this product, I launched into the preparation of a pork stew with dried fruits, during the lunch break. I was taking a lot of risks because the people at the table had to return to work but the Micro Minute kept its promise on the timing side. As it was cold, I wanted both heat and sun on my plate. The pork stew with dried fruits perfectly met my expectations: the stew for heat and dried fruits (apricots, dates and figs) as a call to return from the sun (it did not work but I will have at least tried).

The ingredients for pork stew

- 600 g pork loin - 1 tomato - 1 onion - 6 dried apricots - 6 dried figs - 6 dates - 30 g raisins - 20 cl dry white wine - 1 tablespoon sherry vinegar - 1 spoon oil - a pinch of cinnamon - a pinch of ginger - salt and pepper to taste

The recipe for pork stew

Step 1 - We start by cutting the pork loin into cubes.
Step 2 - Tackle the onion by peeling and chopping it.
Step 3 - Same punishment for the tomato which must be boiled for one minute before being peeled and then crush it.
Step 4 - We prepare the mixture which will serve as cooking liquid. Mix the vinegar, white wine, oil, cinnamon and ginger. Then add water to reach 40 cl.
Step 5 - Place all the ingredients in the Tupperware Micro Minute and cover the set with the liquid mixture previously prepared.
Step 6 - Once the Micro Minute is locked, simply place it in the microwave. Regarding the power of the microwave, Tupperware recommends 900 watts, regardless of the recipe. After all, it is a fairly common power for microwaves so no problem on that side. Regarding the cooking time, Tupperware offers a table in its user guide which determines the cooking time according to the type of food. The brand recommends never to exceed 30 minutes of cooking and to observe a rest time which varies from 5 to 15 minutes. This rest time is indeed necessary because it allows you to finish cooking the food and allow the pressure to drop naturally.

The verdict

Expand the range of possibilities for your microwave! The one who is usually under-exploited, to prepare children's milk in the morning or to reheat the dish from the day before, will finally be used for cooking. Not only will this new generation pressure cooker allow you to make your microwave profitable, but it will also delight those who only have a small studio and therefore only a kitchenette. Imagine the joy of your child who is just studying when you tell him that he will be able to cook his veal stew alone and will no longer have to rely on his mother. Well, the example is undoubtedly badly chosen but the reality is there, the Micro Minute will be very useful for those in a hurry and stressed from the stove. As the Micro Minute has to fit into a microwave, its size is quite reasonable compared to that of a traditional pressure cooker. It is therefore suitable for four people but do not plan to make a second tour. At the same time with such a compressed production time, we no longer really need to prepare things in advance. Tupperware Micro Minute, € 140 Want to discover all the possibilities of Micro Minute? Tupperware is organizing a tour throughout France: September 11 and 12, Place Carnot in Lyon, September 15 and 16, Espace Borély in Marseille, September 18 and 19, Allée Jules Guesde in Toulouse, September 22 and 23, Place du Commerce in Nantes, September 29 and 30 September Place Dauphine in Strasbourg and finally October 2 and 3 Place de la République in Lille. The unique opportunity to test the qualities of this new Tupperware product with a chef. More information on