Food Storage: 100% food furniture from Kann Design

Food Storage: 100% food furniture from Kann Design

With Food Storage, Kann Design offers consumers a designer piece of furniture offering a unique approach to food storage. Exposed, these make themselves more easily accessible. Presentation of a piece combining the beautiful with the useful.

Furniture created and designed for food

The idea of ​​Food Storage was initially presented at the Milan Furniture Fair by the Friday Project collective and then taken up by Kann Design. It offers a different approach to storage by fully exposing the food. This concept allows the consumer to permanently visualize what he has left as well as the state in which his provisions are, which avoids food waste. Arranged in a structured manner, each compartment of the Food Storage is entirely dedicated to a specific type of food. Eggs, bread, wine, canned goods and vegetables naturally find their place there.

Food Storage, a design element in your interior

Useful, the Kann Design Food Storage is also a beautiful piece of furniture. Its metallic structure covered with wood and lacquered teak gives it pure and airy lines. It adds a modern touch to the kitchens and can possibly be used as a partition with a dining room or living room. Created and thought for the storage of food, it can also completely adapt to everyone's interior since the brand offers custom-made products.

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