Before / After: Contemporary makeover for a 40m2 with 70's accents

Before / After: Contemporary makeover for a 40m2 with 70's accents

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It is not always easy to project yourself into a home when it displays a very marked decoration, like the previous owners. In this Parisian 40m2 entirely left in its own juice since the 1970s, new buyers had a hard time appreciating the volumes and the charm of the place during their first visits. XXL patterned wallpaper, poorly arranged rooms, wall carpet, obsolete decoration… It took a lot of imagination, but also the precious advice of the architect Marion Nassou from the agency DamDam Design, to consider their property under a new angle! After a thorough study of the premises, the young woman set to work on a complete renovation of the apartment in order to restore it to a fresher and contemporary style. Despite a tight budget, the transformations of this two-room apartment in Paris turned out to be spectacular… Follow the steps of a successful moult step by step!

Transform the double living room into a functional living room

Before : The former owners had chosen to install their bedroom in the double living room, thus cutting down the living area by a non-negligible space. The carpet laid on the floor, like the wallpaper with seventies motifs, was particularly used. On the living room side, a series of unsightly cupboards occupied a whole section of wall and visually narrowed the space.
After : The remains of the old partition that separated the living room in two have disappeared in order to restore the room to its original volume. The original walls, moldings, windows and parquet have been renovated: the living room breathes again and fully diffuses the outside light! An open kitchen, extended by a clever custom-made desk, has been installed in place of the old cupboards. Sober and functional, it allows you to prepare meals while conversing with the guests. From floor to ceiling, the living space has been completely revised and corrected to allow more fluid circulation and the integration of a space devoted to meals. Particular care has been given to the renovation of existing architectural elements in order to enhance them and bring out the charms of the Haussmann style as much as possible.

Creation of a room

Before : The sleeping area was located in the double living room and separated from the living room by a simple curtain. It was essential for Marion Nassou to create a real bedroom in order to restore its primary function to the living room. For this, a redistribution of spaces was necessary: ​​the old kitchen would therefore disappear in favor of a clear and cozy master bedroom.
After : The vintage kitchen, with its furniture and orange tiles typical of the 70s, has given way to a pretty, immaculate bedroom. Furnished with sobriety, the new room has a large custom-made dressing room designed by the decorator. A solid parquet, hidden under the old linoleum of the kitchen, was laid bare then vitrified by Marion. In terms of colors, the latter has chosen to leave plenty of room for white, simply punctuated by a few vitamin touches to energize the whole room.

Optimizing bathroom space

Before : The bathroom was probably the room that required the most expensive work. Marion Nassou was not only to modernize the decoration, but also to review the distribution of spaces in its entirety. The sanitary elements, obsolete and damaged by humidity, were indeed too imposing for such a small surface! Circulation was hampered by their size and poor layout: the hip bath placed just in front of the entrance notably prevented the owners from fully opening the bathroom door. Besides the layout of the room, the decorator's big challenge was to change the lead pipes, which were no longer up to standard. The bidet, which was no longer useful for the new owners, was removed in favor of a walk-in shower. More practical and better adapted to the surface of the bathroom, the latter also allowed the installation of cupboards that it lacked. After : Several weeks of work were necessary for the bathroom to regain style and functionality. The walls are now adorned with metro tiles in white earthenware, and the floor in attractive anthracite tiles. The new sink, discreet and equipped with storage, is extended by a shelf under which a washing machine slides. Marion Nassou has multiplied cupboards and shelves as much as possible so that owners have enough space to store their toiletries. The young woman also opted for a large walk-in shower installed in front of the old bathtub. Bright and airy, the new bathroom adopts a totally black and white look! //