Fruit trees in great shape in summer: what care should they take?

Fruit trees in great shape in summer: what care should they take?

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To harvest good fruit, you must already think of pampering the trees in the orchard. And to avoid going wrong, we wanted to know everything about the care of fruit trees. It is Dom, specialist in fruit growing, who tells us his secrets: protection of the orchard against pests and cryptogamic diseases, fertilization, natural treatment and economic tips. Fruit trees are in good hands!

To keep fruit trees in top shape and react in time, you must first know the diseases to which they are sensitive. What are the dangers for fruit trees?

Indeed, the fruit tree is sensitive to unwanted people capable of ruining the crops if one is not careful. It can be insects but also bacteria and fungi. Among the most frequently encountered, we find the cochineal, the aphid, the moth or the leafhopper. On the mushroom side, Botytris cinerea is a great devastator and Rosellinia necatrix too. Without treatment, fruit trees can die.

How to prevent fruit tree fungi?

Prevention is the best fight against cryptogamic diseases of fruit trees such as moniliosis, rust, mold or even mildew and powdery mildew. One can for example avoid using farmyard manure in the orchard because it promotes the growth of certain fungi. It is also necessary to systematically rid the soil of the orchard of dead woods. And to avoid the proliferation of a fungus when it has started to settle, we must remove the attacked roots.

Are there natural treatments against enemies of fruit trees?

Sure and they are effective. Detecting the problem as soon as possible allows the use of non-aggressive and non-polluting phytosanitary products, unlike the pesticides to be banned. Use powdered Trichoderma and Pyrethrin against fruit pest insects, Bordeaux mixture against cryptogamic diseases.

For fruit trees in great shape, what care should be favored?

Fruit trees are only pruned if necessary. Removing certain branches from the heart ventilates the center of the tree. But it is also necessary to clarify the fruits, that is to say to remove them when there are too many. You have to train the stems of shrubs like raspberries. But be careful, do not overtighten the ties which can injure the trees. Finally, every other year give your fruit trees over 3 years old a little organo-mineral fertilizer.

Some pro tips to keep fruit trees healthy?

You know, the health of fruit trees can be preserved without necessarily resorting to sophisticated solutions that are very expensive. Simplicity and respect for nature are often much better, and it is economical for the gardener. This is for example the case of the glue to be deposited on the perimeter of fruit trunks. It stops the invasion of unwanted people. And do not hesitate to asphyxiate mealybugs and aphids with grated Marseille soap to be diluted in water.