What are the essentials for frozen yogurts?

What are the essentials for frozen yogurts?

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Lighter than a traditional ice cream, but as delicious as a cupcake, frozen yogurt is the latest sweetness of the moment. Its particularity: a simple base - made from 0% yogurt - to give free rein to its delicacy with the garnish: fresh fruit, chocolate chips, pieces of cookies, syrups or coulis. Discover the 5 essential utensils to make irresistibly greedy frozen yogurts!

Utensil n ° 1: an ice turbine

Want to refresh your taste buds with a homemade frozen yogurt? Invest in an ice turbine that will allow you to make fresh and creamy frozen yoghurt at home using your favorite natural products. Thanks to its own freezing system which allows all the ingredients to be mixed and cooled simultaneously, you can enjoy frozen yogurts to savor without feeling guilty and in record time!

Utensil n ° 2: an ice cream scoop

To have your frozen yogurt balls like a pro, nothing better than an ice cream scoop! The latter will allow you to form perfectly rounded balls, without tiring you. If many models exist on the market, the spoons with eutectic handles are to be preferred. They will indeed offer you the possibility of making balls with formidable simplicity, even in very cold or very hard ice. The dream !

Utensil # 3: containers

Whether to present your different toppings or to put your frozen yogurt, impossible to ignore the bowls, pitchers and other containers. Small airtight bowl or jar, in glass or porcelain ... you choose the model that will suit your desires. One watchword: let your inspiration speak!

Utensil n ° 4: decorative utensils

If there are many ways to personalize its sweetness, the most reasonable will favor the fresh fruit option. If this is your case, the editor suggests you opt for the famous Parisian spoon. By taking a small regular ball from the pulp of your fruit and placing it on your frozen yogurt, you will bring color, freshness and originality to your dessert. And, to go further, take a cinnamon. It will allow you to make decorative incisions in your fruit!

Utensil n ° 5: a grater

The most gourmet, those who like chocolate and exotic sweets, will not forget to invest in a grater. Ideal for grating citrus zest, ginger, coconut or chocolate. This will cut food without shredding or tearing it, thereby preserving and intensifying the aromas. Chip, wire or powder… the choice is yours!


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