Océwood: a fence, millions of possibilities

Océwood: a fence, millions of possibilities

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The French group Oceplast, and its outdoor furniture brand Océwood had an innovative idea! Their concept? A range of decorative screens, in composite wood and aluminum, as well as online Pimeo customization. By combining eco-design, design and sustainable materials, this manufacturer made in France allows you to design your outdoor or indoor space to measure. Explanations.

Robust and ingenious screens

Easy to install and clean, the Pimeo partition and decorative screens guarantee unbeatable fixing and flexibility allowing you to easily adjust your space. In terms of materials, they are made of composite wood, aluminum and Plexiglas®.
The real advantage is that you can install them indoors as well as outdoors. Claustras can be useful for creating partitions in an apartment and thus having a new space for a playroom or a dressing room. If you have a garden, you can partition it, or fit out your terrace or balcony, to isolate yourself from neighbors or hide a garbage bin for example.

Customize your partition endlessly

To create your custom-made screen, go to Choose your fence model to customize, its color and the image of your choice. If you do not feel creative, a catalog of several hundred thousand inspirations is at your disposal. What find your happiness for sure!
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