Before / After: Reorganize a kitchen by color

Before / After: Reorganize a kitchen by color

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With the arrival of their third child, Paul and Virginie were looking for better optimization of the space and their Paris triplex. They called on the architect Aude Borromée who, to respond to their request, decided to radically redistribute his original organization. Result: the bedroom was lowered by one floor, in order to incorporate it into the new reorganization of the ground floor and the kitchen, until then at the bottom, was found in the center of the apartment. We open the doors to this colorful and fun site, which is teeming with inventive and inexpensive tailor-made solutions. Area: 47 m²

A piece to recompose

Before: Before the intervention of Aude Borromée, we can see, at first glance, that the ground floor is composed of only one room with generous proportions. It is actually an open room that integrates the living room and the American kitchen. To the right is a staircase. The latter provides access to the master bedroom upstairs. Similarly, we can see that the room has only three windows. It will therefore have to be tricky to bring light to the space. Finally, the front door is located at the top left. An element that the architect must take into account as part of the total redevelopment of the room.
On the layout side, we also note the loss of space caused by the positioning of the kitchen at the back of the room. Disparate and old-fashioned, the furniture reinforces this feeling of suffocation. Even if it is difficult to notice at first glance, the kitchen is, as it stands, raised compared to the living room which benefits from a height of 3 meters under ceiling. For the architect, the whole challenge of the renovation will be to "keep the feeling of space, without creating, however, chimney pieces". To do this, Aude Borromée will take the decision to place the room on this small podium and take the kitchen down a notch.

A colorful and bright kitchen

After: Radical change of scenery! Formerly dark, crowded and poorly optimized, the room has metamorphosed into a contemporary, colorful space with a strong personality thanks to the integration of colored bands. To restore a function to each of the spaces, the architect decided to subdivide each of the rooms. If the living room is not visible, on the other hand the dining and kitchen area is clearly separated from the corridor and the master bedroom, hidden behind the sliding panels, above the worktop.
As for the kitchen, it has become a real space apart, teeming with colorful, original and inexpensive ideas. Evidenced by the translucent sliding acetate panels that separate the master bedroom from the kitchen. These sport this trio of colors - which has become the common thread of the accommodation - while leaving enough transparency to create a play of shadows with the interior of the bedroom. To create an airy and fluid living space, the architect chose to hide the kitchen equipment in the cupboards or in adjoining niches. An interesting idea which made it possible to efficiently optimize the available space. Like this table, the dining area offers a subtle blend of ergonomics and humor. As evidenced by the dark blue liner, located above the table. This has been installed in this way to give the impression that the table can fit into the wall. If this is not the case, it has however been designed to be mobile and can be moved. To meet the need for storage desired by Paul and Virginie, the architect built a library above the table and small shelves below. To the right, a small office closes the space on the side, and remains completely open to the living room.
Aude Borromée, Architect


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