Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the clothes in the children's room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the clothes in the children's room

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Children grow very (too?) Fast, therefore their wardrobe is often full of clothes that have become too small. If you have the courage, sort their wardrobe at least twice a year. This facilitates storage and allows a better assessment of future needs. This is how I noticed in June that my daughter no longer had a hat at her waist. For the followers of good deals I also advise to make this sorting just before the sales. We save space for new clothes and we don't make the mistake of buying a third orange T-shirt. For this challenge, I offer two alternatives: a quick but more radical solution or a longer but fun solution. How to choose between the two? It all depends on your child! Indeed there are two kinds of children that can easily be cataloged: those who like to dress and others. A miracle happened because my older sister loves to try on clothes while the majority of children hate wasting time putting on clothes. This is obviously the case for my youngest. So I have two methods for each room. For the first one (the one who likes to dress), you just have to transform your bedroom into a fitting room and you can see for yourself if the garment is still at its size or not. For the second child, I do without his participation. The advantage is that you should not wait between two tries.

To store, empty

Without children, the method is therefore to take absolutely all the things out of the cupboards. If you need to let off steam, now is the time! Do not hesitate to make a pile on the ground of everything that needs to be sorted. Before defining in which batteries (donation, recycling or return to the cupboard) the clothes should go, start by giving a swipe of a damp microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the cupboards. Regarding the clothes to give, I insist on the cleanliness and the good general condition of the clothes. To be donated, clothing must be clean and dry. Some organizations such as Eco TLC recover even used textiles. No clothes should therefore normally end up in the trash.

Make your child's life easier

When sorting is finished, store so that everything used is at the height of the child. So we put in the upper shelves the things that are used occasionally like swimsuits or ski suits. In preparation for the next school year, I am trying a new approach with an organization by hangers. The idea is to prepare the business of the week to hang it on hangers. Each hanger corresponds to one day and the child can therefore use and dress himself (everything depends on his age, of course). To make it easier, I printed small labels on an American blog so that the day of the week was written on the hanger. I could have modified them a little to have the names of the days in French but I thought that at the same time it would give the children the opportunity to learn the days of the week in English.

Lessons to be learned

Advise in advance that you are going to donate clothes. If the clothes are intended for friends or family members, notify them before sorting and be sure of their need. Otherwise, you could end up with a bag of clothes hanging around your house for an indefinite period. Go to the simplest. No need to sort clothes by color, size or style, your children will not be sensitive. Above all, they need pragmatics. We therefore favor accessibility so that they feel valued.


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