The decor in the garden

The decor in the garden

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The evenings are getting longer, the temperature is getting hot… No doubt, summer is here! So to enjoy the sweet moments that the season offers us, we install in our garden enough to find the comfort of the living room. Relaxation session outside with sofa, armchair and cushions… We will give you our good decorative ideas for landscaping your garden!

Wood and metal: the winning duo

This year, the plastic garden chairs are the head because the trend is wood and metal furniture. The traditional garden furniture is chosen in teak and goes perfectly with designer metal chairs. The same goes for the garden sofa in acacia wood, a noble material par excellence, which blends in with the bucolic decor and which reassures with its comfort.

Soft and colorful accessories like the show

In the garden as at home, we energize the space with colors. For this, you can install a hammock with tart colors between two trees or attach a pretty garland of pennants. For the decoration of the terrace, the natural fiber carpet warms the floor. At night, we love ourselves in cushions with exotic prints and we take advantage of the candle light in a vintage-style lantern.

The return of braided furniture

To perfect a pleasant place to live, we opt for the decoration star: the scoubidou armchair! Renowned for its very comfortable seat, the scoubidou armchair is available in different colors and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for giving your little green space a touch of madness!


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