Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the big kitchen appliances

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the big kitchen appliances

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Fourth day of challenge and even if the fatigue is felt, I can only congratulate myself by rediscovering my kitchen in the evening. This time we really notice the work accomplished and by eliminating some trinkets that were lying on the work plan, I find that we really feel better in the kitchen (even more when we open the cupboards!). I also make the point that cleaning thoroughly is a real job. I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning, and yet I am often in surface cleaning. This challenge makes me realize that if I want to maintain a slightly healthier environment, we will have to seriously think about decluttering. While waiting for this day (another challenge perhaps?), Let me tell you about this fourth day which was normally devoted to the hob, the oven and the sink.

Oven maintenance

We start with the oven because it is the simplest thanks to this wonderful invention that is pyrolysis. Some will say that it is cheating, I would say that there is no reason not to make life easier. For those who do not know this system, the oven will reach a temperature of almost 500 ° C for a fairly long period (at least 1:30). This action will burn all the fat deposits and you will just have to pick up a gray ash in the bottom of your oven which has become as clean as on the first day. Obviously there are some disadvantages to pyrolysis: the oven consumes a lot of energy and it is better to be elsewhere during operation given the heat released (especially in summer when it is already hot). As I did my pyrolysis the day before (Ok, I really cheated), it only remained for me to pick up the ash but also a few crumbs stuck in the hinge of the oven door. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle because the hinge is full of inaccessible corners. The other strategic location of the oven is the door. With a little black soap, I got rid of the remaining stains quite easily. Same thing for the facade which did not pose any particular problems. As I am equipped with a cold door system, very useful especially for children, my oven has several panes. Once the facade was clean, I realized the dust trapped between the two panes. A real disaster! While searching the Internet, I found a MacGyver-like trick of using a tea towel soaked in vinegar and attached to a hanger. While preparing my object, I had the impression of being transformed into a car thief. As much to tell you right away, this tip does not work absolutely, well not at home because I was unable to pass between the windows.

Cleaning the hood

The oven barely cleaned, I rolled my eyes and there I had as a revelation: the kitchen hood! It was actually when I rolled my eyes that I remembered the existence of this equipment which unfortunately needs a serious cleaning up. First observation: grease filters are aptly named. As they were dirty and greasy, it was really depressing! By consulting the instructions, I found that there were two possible methods to restore their shine. You can actually put them in the dishwasher but the instructions warn that if this does not affect their effectiveness, it can make them opaque. The other option is to simply wash them in hot water. To hope to degrease as much as possible, I still added in my water a spoon of soda crystals as in my method of cleaning the oven rack. By letting it sit in the water for a few minutes and brushing a little, I found very shiny grease filters and this time without any grease. For the outside of my drawer hood, I also used black soap which has a good degreasing power. It works very well for stainless steel parts on which there are fingerprints.

Hotplate, burner, stove

Now that the hood is ready, I can start cleaning the hob. For a while I almost did the opposite before I realized that by washing my hood afterwards I was probably going to dirty my plate again. Since the black soap worked well on the kitchen hood, I tried the experiment on my induction hob. As with pyrolysis, the induction hob is at the limit of cheating because its maintenance is really easy. At the same time, I invested in these devices precisely because of this. I really wanted to save time in the maintenance of my appliances. As in addition I cook a lot, their cleaning is daily and I do not want to waste my time. Until now I used a product bought in supermarkets, specially dedicated for this equipment. Good surprise, the black soap works perfectly! And given the price difference (20 € per liter on one side against 7 on the other) and the versatility of black soap, I think I have just changed sides!

Lessons to be learned

Clean from top to bottom. As for the cupboards or the fridge, especially always clean from top to bottom. Nothing more demotivating when you see that the job is barely finished, you have to start again. I use black soap to degrease. This black soap is really the revelation of the day, I appreciate its gentle degreasing side. In my opinion, he will follow me for the next tests like cleaning the fronts of kitchen furniture. Do not believe all the tips found on the Internet. This is the whole point of this Grand Household cleaning challenge, we can finally test all the household stuff that promises mountains and wonders ... and discover that they don't work. Snif! You have noticed ? I didn't have time to talk to you about cleaning the sink. It was because I was running out of time and the 15 minutes were well over. But I still have a pretty nifty tip (and really tested!) To give it back its shine: try the flour method.

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