The Beko gas table plays with fire

The Beko gas table plays with fire

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The new Beko gas hob offers technology for better heat distribution thanks to its five cooking zones and its new super efficient burners.

A new model to reduce your cooking time

Beko launches a wide range of gas hobs. They are available in several colors and above all they meet three essential criteria: ease of use, design and performance. But the one that interests us today in writing is the new Beko gas hob model HISW75220S. It is made up of 5 cast iron fireplaces, the strongest material used in cooking. They will allow you to cook your preparations in all sizes of containers. The grids are thus robust and stable. In addition, there is the central element of this hob: a central hearth, the wok of 3,300 W double crown. Multifunctional, it is particularly powerful which allows it to successfully cook in a very short time or to seize ingredients very quickly.

Powerful burners

Beko is renewing the concept of the gas table, in particular thanks to direct flame technology. The great novelty; these new burners optimize the orientation of the flame for uniform heat distribution and thus increase the efficiency of the hob. This concept, called Luminist TM, also includes light power indicators which provide information on the power level of the flames during cooking. This visual security is accompanied by an audible signal. A real helping hand in your daily use.

Other options

This new model from Beko is equipped with thermocouple safety: this means that in the event of accidental air intake or when a liquid overflows on your hob, the gas supply is automatically cut off. This limits the risk of accident. Without forgetting that this gas hob has an integrated ignition which allows the burners of the hearths to be started with a single gesture, which start or stop at the same time. Color: black Width: 60 cm Price: 410 euros More info on //